Monday, October 17, 2011

Killer Fox - Orgasm Of Death

Truly an awful album, and one that is really only worth playing for it's shock value. Released by the notorious German label Metal Enterprises (read a great article about this farce of a label here). Killer Foxx is basically below par heavy metal with robotic death metal vokillz and elements of wackiness. Even though this is completely substandard and the people responsible for it should be wrangled up and promptly put out of their misery, there is a certain masochistic enjoyment I get from listening to it. Sort of the same pleasure I get from hearing a blastbeat infused accordian serenade...or an out of tune opera hog belt out a passage from the Necronomicon...illogical? Sure. Inappropriate? Hell yes. Hilarious? You betcha.
P.S. perhaps the most brutal cover art ever.

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