Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pavor - A Pale Debilitating Autumn

Pavor's first album put out nearly a decade before Furioso...when I think of the death metal that was being released in '94, I don't think there was much out there that could compete with Pavor in terms of sheer technicality...hell, there still ain't too many bands that can hang with these guys. Landfermann is once again the lynchpin, laying down convoluted and idiosyncratic basslines that are totally outside the realms of conventional death metal. The guitar playing is a bit less outrageous than on Furioso...but only by a little bit...a tad doomier perhaps. Probably the only albums that sounded remotely close to this at the time were Individual Though Patterns and maybe some of the Atheist discs...but then again, neither of those bands are as brutal as the music on A Pale. An obfuscated black metal backbone seems to run undercurrent through most of these tunes, providing a sinister, somewhat desperate atmosfear. In fact, the strange voicing of the chords will bring Ved Buens Ende to mind (especially during the epic (and epically named) Imperator Of An Ashen Bane). Overall, this is just an extremely engaging album, and one of the very few tech death albums that I find myself returning to again and again.

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