Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pavor - Furioso

A combination of furious thrills + virtuoso skillz and the eponym could not be any more perfect. Pavor is like putting a beehive up Steve Vai's lycra bikeshorts and Buddha Dickens XXXL eggplant-colored pantsuit then catching the resultant shredfest on tape. If someone wanted to make a death metal version of Spiral Architect, I would say sorry, but these Krauts beat ya to the punch...Rainer Landfermann (former vocalist of Bethlehem (back in their good old daze))) is a tour de force on bass...taking control of these songs in a way that can only be likened to Lars Norberg's performance on Sceptic's Universe. The guitars are right there in step...playing off (or trying to keep up with) the bass plasticity. Witness the insane guitar/bass solo trade off runs during the album's title track. This is some wild, wild shit and Pavor know it too. According to the band "all posers, fakes, scamps and bored lowlifes need to STAY HOME AND PRACTICE!"...I know this applies to most of you (I myself am a scamp). So lock yourself in your room, start practicing those scales and arpeggio runs, and after a few years of shredding your fingers to the bone you can emerge with maybe juuuuuussst enough skill to carry Landfermann's quadruple-necked 8-stringer guitar case.

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