Saturday, August 31, 2013

Profane Creation - Nema

Another old school delight. Brazilian blaasphemy at its finest here folks!

Baxaxaxa - Hellfire

Here you fuckers go, some excellent ooold school German black metal from the depths of the underground...pure dungeon musick.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Morlok - The End Times

Recent excursions into soft grunge and so called pastel goth have left me clamboring for some blazing raw experimental Czech black metal, and hot damn do Morlok deliver! Distraught melodies, sizzlingly off-kilter drum programming and an overall alien industrial vibe that never forgoes the outright thrashiness that defines the awesomeness that IS Czech black metal!! Fuck, they even throw in a bit of unclean "When Johnny comes Stomping Home" folk jazz on some of these cuts. More fun than an extraterrestrial nocturnal snipe hunt and definitely for fans of Blacklodge, Mysticum, Meatballs and dat Sabbatic Goat.

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Urge - Master of Styles

Thrash, ska, reggae dub and cool melodic vocals. Basically the soundtrack to my high school experience. I always likened the Urge to a more metal, anthemic Fishbone almost like a power metal take on The Harder They Come. All their albums are pretty great but this one has the hits. Perfect summertime smok'ndrink music!
P.S. Voxalist Steve Ewing has a sweet hot dog joint in the STL, that is delish, especially that Gorilla Mac'n'Cheese about Receiving the Gift of Flavor!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

!T.O.O.H! - Democratic Solution

This new !T.O.O.H! is really good and strange. I'm glad the brothers Schizoid and Humanoid decided to go out on a swansong. I can honestly say there ain't another band playing music that sounds like this. Go over to their  fb page and dl the thing already + all the Gemini Gem offerings and rare !T.O.O.H! recordings...its a veritable treasure trove!