Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Incubator - McGillroy The Housefly

This album just really captures my imagination...grungy German death metal from '92 dealing with greys, gore, rape and all things unwholesome. The cover is an exemplary piece of demented Seagrave-styled artwork (that sweet little alien-like insect with a dagger sitting on a tree/pile of it's own larvae is a real keeper) and sets the stage for the weirdness of the music within. This is what I call "relaxed" death metal...almost having more to do with Voivod (especially Outer Limits era) than Morbid Angel. Actually I think a good comparison can be made with Supurations's Voivodian masterpiece The Cube mixed with a little bit of Carbonized's Disharmonization. Rhythms play a big part of this "relaxed", but unsettling atmosphere...always kept tastefully in check...more apt to use a jumpy hi-hat or well-placed crash instead of a blast; although there is one blast section on this housefly...I won't say where, suffice to say it will throw you for a loop. Really an underrated gem, and a real score for those that like their death metal weird and wild.

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