Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Carbonized - Disharmonization

I sure hope you fucker's have been enjoyin' Swedish death metal week, it's been a real pleasure going back and listening to some of these great old records. One that I really love is Carbonized's experimental death du jour Disharmonization.
Carbonized is in many respects Therion's weird little stepbrother...the one that wasn't quite smart enough for regular school, so he stayed home ate velveeta and scoop chips, watched old dracula and UFO movies, and devoted an unhealthy portion of the day to amputee porn. He slowly turned into a twisted degenerate, but one with a fantastic music sensibility...listening to Napalm Death in one earbud, Yes in the second and Voivod in the third. The screwy little invalid is Disharmonization, and you should be very pleased to meet him.

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