Monday, January 16, 2012

Fudgeworthy Records Compilation

The infamous Fudgeworthy Records, home to all your grindcore, shitcore, noisecore, tardcore, whatever kind of disgusting lowbrow core you could possibly ever need. Founded by a gentleman named Infection Charlie, Fudgeworthy's reign of terror began with the Jesus Chrust 7" in 1990 and ended with the Phillipino black/grinders Kratornas' 7" in 2006. This label was the tastemaker of a degeneration, satiating the socially disenfranchised and mentally borderline mid-late '90's meat(shit)head prevert. G.G., Gonkulator, Meatshits A.C., Captain Three Leg...enough raw noise to keep you whacking your pud for daze. Fudgeworthy indeed.

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