Monday, January 23, 2012

Brothers Grimm - Helm's Deep

This just might be one of the greatest forgotten Tech/Prog albums to come out of the good ol' US of A (or maybe anywhere for that matter). The Bros. Grimm released this their lone full length back in 1990, and to say Helm's Deep is on par with Watchtower's Control and Resistance or Fate's Awaken The Guardian is not farfetched. It's truly hard to fathom how an album like this goes pretty much unrecognized for well over 20 years. If you are a fan of prog you need to dl this right now for the bass playing alone, cuz jesus the bass goes OFF!  The closest comparison as far as bass insanity might just be Spiral Architect's A Sceptic's Universe, definitely an influence on ol' Norberg I would say. When I first found out about this album, I must've listened to vs. about 10x in a row. The middle section of that song...just holy SHIT!!! In fact, every song is so dense with memorable riffs that you will absolutely feel compelled to listen to each and every single one of these songs AT LEAST that many times.
So go deep mutherfuckers....Helm's Deep.


  1. Thanks! I wish you would have asked though before redistributing the album...

  2. @ the person above me: are you a former member of the band Brothers Grimm? Or perhaps in some other way connected to the band? If so, is it possible for you to get a CD-R of the album? I'm happy to pay for it!