Monday, January 16, 2012

Gonkulator - Satan's Burial Ground

(From "Hogan's Heroes", the TV series) pretentious piece of equipment that actually serves no useful purpose. Usually used to describe one's least favourite piece of computer hardware.
One of Fudgeworthy's finest. Gonkulator was a blackgrind noise/sludge holocaust specializing in sounds of brown. Much like it's namesake, I don't know the actual purpose of this band other than to terrorize your earholes...I guess that's a good enough reason for making music as any.
As an interesting aside, Baron von Gonkulator (the gentleman on the far right) is non other than the Mad Arab of Goat Thrower fame! Why Fudgeworthy didn't snap up Goat Thrower I have no idea, they certainly would have fit right in with their stable of "artists". I can only assume they didn't quite have that enviable brown sound so prized by Fudgeworthy and thus were relegated to the less prestigious Action Black label.

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