Sunday, December 18, 2011

Circling Round Finland

I don't know what it is about Finland, but they must have more excellent musicians per capita than anywhere else on this green Earth...for a nation that has a population of a shade over 5 million (for comparison, NYC alone is a bit over 8 million) to have so many cool, unique bands is just an embarrassment of riches...
If you don't know Circle, they are the vanguard of NWOFHM (like NWOBHM, but you can take a guess what the F is for), which is really just spacy krautrock with heavy metal lyrics...absurd heavy metal lyrics at that...Infektio is a lot more spacy than most of their stuff that I've listened too, and it is truly excellent. Great mood music to put on when you read your old Heavy Metals...Circle Of Ouroborus just keep getting better and better, further pushing their sound into an ambient direction...the guitar tone on Eleven Fingers is sooo pleasing, I find it especially nice to listen to in the early morning when I'm walking into's meditative qualities prepare me for the day.
So there you go...2 great albums from 2 excellent bands...Finland I salute you!!

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