Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Ash Eaters

Seeing as how the year is almost out, I'm gonna take a break from doing German posts and focus on the year that was in music....culminating in a Top 10 list of course!!
The dude from Brown Jenkins sent me a demo of his new band earlier this year, and I neglectfully forgot to post it...seems he's been quite busy cuz already a second demo is hittin the interwebs, so I thought what the hell, I'll just post both of them! Ash Eaters is a new project, but not wholly separated from the Jenks in sound and aesthetic...Audially projecting the Lovecraft tradition of terror through non-Euclidian geometry…angles that are just all wrong. This is music that is just all wrong, but indeed all the better for it. I wonder how Jenks composes? Does he do the Jarzombek thing and write out obtuse chord structures only to invert and twist them with malevolent pleasure? Or is he in communication with the great Cthulhu cult letting the telepathic utterances of the dreaming dead infiltrate into his own subconscious? Maybe a little bit of both haha!!