Saturday, February 19, 2011

Icecross - Icecross

Charming psych outsider metal from where else but Iceland!  Sonically similar to the Legend album I posted a little while ago, but with a heavier Sabbath vibe which I enjoy quite a bit. I hear through the grapevine that one Tommy Seebach had a hand in this smess. If you don't know who Tom Seebach is definitely look him up, preferably on youtube.
This fucker was released in '73 which puts it way ahead of it's time, just listen to the excellent Jesus Freaks and 1999 and you will hear some serious anti-christian armaggedon type shit goin' down..."I met some freaks of Jesus Christ during the last week of July...ughh, some disgusting people...they wanted me to join their cult, but I said to them I believe in myself..and so I do...OH Yes I DoooOOaaaAHH! They believe in Jesus, we believe in us...They believe in Jesus, we believe in OoouuurRRssssSSeeeeeeaaasEELVES!!!"

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