Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ophthalamia - Via Dolorosa

A twisting tortuous journey through the mind of Swedish midget upstart Tony Sarka aka "It"and his regular sized pal "ALL"...the duo perhaps best known for the psychopathic sounds of Abruptim, and many other lesser black metal acts (Vondur, War, etc...).  Ophthalamia is definitely the most musically interesting of their projects, being a doomy and weird take on black metal (probably more traditional heavy metal than black). Now and then I'm reminded of a cruder version of Root's Kargeras...mostly because both albums deal with telling the story of self-created fantasyworlds. Prog and Folk influences pop up every now and then, but Via Dolorosa maintains a dank and dirty, lugubriously melancholic atmosphere...the perfect soundtrack to this time of year when things are starting to thaw, but everything is still dead.
Speaking of dead, you will be if you spell "Ophthalamia" wrong; a warning from It..."We will kill them so bad that they will probably die.  I am so sick and tired of all the stupid idiots that can not spell right to the mighty word of Ophtalamia...Uppsss...My light saber will cut through their flesh like hot butter through a knife. And they will regret then, when they are dead, that they did not pay more attention."

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