Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Cardiacs were a founding group of the British pronk scene of the '80's.  First known as Cardiac Arrest in the early part of that decade, they expanded to a 5 piece and made some incredibly strange music. Like fellow pronksters Uz Jsme Doma, Cardiacs were accomplished musicians and quite technical in their approach.  Witness the video of ringleader Tim Smith crooning unbelievably while handling guitar duties with aplomb (where's the fucking dog!?!).  Ironically, Mr. Smith recently suffered his own cardiac arrest, effectively knocking him out of commission from Cardiacs.  One hopes that he recovers and they someday play again, because this is some great stuff.

Awhile back I tried to learn the guitar solo to Day is Gone.  Tough Stuff!!  The links are for compilations of Cardiacs material; Archives being early stuff, while Various is later material, and a tribute.

Archives                    Various                    Tribute

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  1. Smart move posting some Cardiacs. They are still one of the most downloaded bands on my blog (which always surprises me). Hopefully, the cult is growing.