Sunday, January 9, 2011

Octagon - The Spectacles Held So Dear

"Singular to the very last, this is warring esoteric metal of the highest order:  Labyrinthine angularity, effectively fleeting bouts of lucid melodicism, black/death/doom/war/goat-contortionism with an added, profound poignancy, chaotically, self-combustible but loose'n'logical all the same, alchemical metallurgy defined - without hyperbole, you need to hear this band right-fucking-NOW" ...from Nathan Birk's wonderful Apokalyptik Raidz column Jan '05 issue of the now sadly defunct Metal Maniacs...I just wanted to get it cuz the title made it sound like it was about a very special pair of reading glasses...maybe a Rosebud type of situation. Notwithstanding all that, this is a very unique album which to my ears sounds like a mix between Canadian culters Rites of Thy Degringolade and the Dirty South sounds of Nawlean's Acid intriguing proposal.

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