Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Psychicthrob - Bursting Dementia

So I thought why not post another Gorguts related band to go along with Purulence. Psychicthrob was bass player Steve (not to be confused with Steeve) Cloutier's band before he joined up with Monsieur LeMay and old bandmate Stephane Provencher (who drummed in pre-Psychicthrob band Damaged). You know Cloutier, he of the clunking idiosyncratic bass lines that meandered and perplexed on Obscura and From Wisdom To Hate. Well 1991's Bursting Dementia demo is nothing like that....basically this is Leprosy/Spiritual Healing worship with thrashy vox. Very good stuff with excellent sound for a demo, and some interesting tech/atmospheric parts that remind me of Morgue's Eroded Thoughts even though I'm not entirely sure why.

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