Thursday, June 28, 2012

Depressive Age - First Depression

Amazing...I cannot begin to describe my love for this album...a prog-tech thrash band that actually put as much care into the vocal pitch and placement as they did the guitar lines (Watchtower, Sieges Even I'm looking in your direction). Depressive Age, much like brethren Secrecy, were a desperate yelp of creativity during the death throes of thrash metal during the early 90's. Not only were they extraordinary musicians, but they were extraordinarily gifted songwriters, branching into areas that certainly must've been most uncomfortable for your common breed thrasher.


  1. Can I get a hint to what one should click on after they enter the code # and get into the second page? I'd really like to listen to this and Unleashed Power...


  2. sure, enter in the numerical captcha and then it should start dl about 10 seconds later. I'm trying not to put so much stuff on mediafire anymore just cuz they're bastards about this sort of thing.