Sunday, April 8, 2012


Hoppy Easter everyone, while you're busy shoving creme eggs down into your thorax, I'm gonna share a little bit of Columbian Ultra Metal history with you. Parabellum (Latin for "Into Battle") was the nastiest, darkest, and flat out most destructive proto-black metal band to come out of little old Medellin, COL. Only releasing these 2 eps in '87 and '88 (a grand total of 4 trax!) their legacy is still firmly entrenched. You think old Sepultura was dangerous? Sarcofago? Compared to Parabellum they were merely playing with matches because this is music that is not merely is convulsed...a raw bloody mess of guitar torture and hellish blasphemy. The only band I can even compare Parabellum to is the equally fucked Peruvian Hadez. This is the sound of insane primitive brutality the way it has to be.

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