Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reencarnacion - 888 Metal

More Columbian Ultra Metal History Madness, this time courtesy of Medellin's own Reencarnacion. This band is AMAZING, sounding close to RIO free-jazz sometimes...1988's 888Metal (get it?) actually reminds me of a more dangerous Master's Hammer or demo era Root! One could draw many parallels between the burgeoning S.A. death/thrash scene and the Eastern Europeans. Add a little bit of wackiness that would fit right in with any of the Black Legiones bands and you're right on track. For instance, take the tune II Parte...the violin/guitar duel is like Comus raping Mayhem's Necrobutcher while Art Zoyd provides color commentary. An underground classic of pure wacky idiosyncratic thrash.


  1. It's albums like this that make me love metal so much. Here's hoping some people will download this treasure. Great post.

  2. legendary stuff and really dark and aggressive !!!

  3. a legendary band

    greetings from colombia