Monday, October 4, 2010

Fleetwood Mac - Tango In The Night

I'm not really sure why this band is ridiculed as much as they are... South Park rips on Stevie Nicks, SNL has a recurring skit where Lindsay Buckingham gets the perpetual shaft.  They don't deserve it, not one bit.  Fact is, Tango In The Night is a fiendishly great album.  The late '80s caught the Mac riding the glam rock coke wave into darker more gothic waters, and they were all the better for it.  Songs like Isn't It Midnight and Little Lies seethe with an emotional density heavier than leaded gold.  I've always thought that these songs possess certain qualities that would make for bizarrely fun heavy metal covers, especially in a black metal or doom context.  Thats a million dollar idea right there....  I got hooked on Tango In The Night when I was just a young'n, my pops played it constantly.  On the tapedeck in the van, on the record player at home... We would always sing along to "sweet little lies" and of course the incredibly ace chorus to Family Man.  Great memories and great tunes.   So, while I may label this a guilty pleasure,  it is still a pleasure pure and simple.  I guess thats called growing up Mr. Fleetwood.

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