Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Omnitron - Masterpeace

A grrroovy hot mess of an album from former Krixhjalters members. Ukeleles, big brass, 8bit, trip-hop, a woplopadobop, treat yourself to a grab-bag of plunderphonix and meaty riffs. Things really start stomping in tunes like "I Am He"where technojabbers roll into an accordian dirge that would make Sammy Sousa proud. "Eroticon's" Nordic-Boy take on Acid Bath may just bring down the house, but then here comes a sweet Maiden lead section to send gooseskin up your arm. A ripping cover of Ace of Spades wraps things up, proving that yes these guys do have taste. At least as much fun as GuineaPig Assasinator and right up there with Fable Frolic as well, in fact this is one of the greatest Swedish metal releases ever...believe it!

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