Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summoning - Lugburz

Summoning’s first album and my personal favorite. Before they totally disappeared up Tolkein’s rectum. I totally love their later albums as well, I eat that keyboard slop up, it’s just on Lugburz they had that little something extra, that little extra “sting”…a drummer named Trifixion! As y’all may have gleaned from the Pervertum post from awhile back (waaay awhile back), I have quite the crush of Mr. Horned Godz percussionary skillz. Underneath that pasty white corpsepainted exterior beats a heavy funky soul. It’s hard to put a pin in just how awesome his performance is, but I’ll give it a go: Billy Cobham mixed with a drunk Flo Mournier…Nicko McBrain trying to out paradiddle Abath circa Battles In The North…or maybe even Atheist's Steve Flyn gone a LARP-ing….the only thing he’s missing is a vibraslap. So just try and wrap your head around all of that!! Hey this is even better than Lost Tales Upon A Viking Stallion, those riffs are crazy. It may have been a uniquely Austrian black metal thing, but these major-key medieval melodies are just killer and bands like Summoning and Abigor had them in spades. 

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