Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Best...

blogger profile ever? yeah....from adam9898's blogger introduction.

I Like Christian Rock & Metal I Am a diabetic I Want to not harden my heart and learn to love I Have red hair I Wish i could stop smoking I Hate temptation and lies I Fear God I Hear complaining too much I Search for Christian rock and metal albums that I would like I Wonder if i will ever grow up and put my childish ways away I Regret serving sin I Love God I Ache when my sugar level is high I Always pray before I sleep I Usually smoke almost a pack and a half of cigs a day I Am Not thinking positive most of the time I Dance when im drunk I Sing only when i know the words I Never wanted my GED I Rarely leave home I Cry when im really depressed OR really Happy lol I Am Not Always sane I Lose my thoughts alot I'm Confused easily I Need to find a way to support myself with or on computers at home I Should do something

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