Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ferocity - Puzzled Into Various Spaces

Ferocious...puzzling...spacey....all worthy adjectives to describe this incredibly obscure '97 German tech death/jazz dream. This is some unsettling shit all built around Cynic/Atheist style guitar acrobatics with an atonal avant-garde edge that places it on the weirder side of Pestilence's oft-maligned (but incredible nonetheless) Spheres. This is somehow even more "out-there" than any of those bands...if you don't believe, make sure to check out the incredibly fucked and un-fuckable with 10 minute closer "Yellow Puzzle" is fantastic, and addicting with half-sung vocals incoherently riding over unintelligible death growls, clean guitar passages and jazz bass fucking with your mind...ridiculous abstract/poetic lyrics about nature. I can't say enough good things about this demo....the only thing this band released by the way. Some members would go on to play with Necrophagist right around the release of Onset of Putrefaction...but I prefer Puzzled to anything by them. A technical masterpiece abstracted and reassembled by psychos. I can't recommend this enough!!

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