Friday, September 30, 2011

Pat Metheny - Zero Tolerance For Silence

I recently came across a band that I thought was called "Goatheny"; so naturally, visions of a black metal version of Pat Metheny came swirling into my head!! Unfortunately, the band turned out to be called Goathe"M"y and was not too good at all....this led me to remembering Zero Tolerance 4 Silence, quite the odd little gem in Mr. Metheny's discography. Zero Tolerance is a free jazz shred extravaganza...Pat breaking all his own rules and making a hideous wall of noise that will send even the most adventurous jazzheads running for their Charles Mingus records. Like a Black Legions rehearsal tape randomly spliced together with Brown Jenkins and Mick Barr's Orthrelm project...Kult as a heart-attak.

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