Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pessimist - Longaevus

More of what I'm christening Czech-Tech (clever, eh) from a couple of the dudes responsible for the Mindfuck that is Mindwork. Pessimist (def not to be confused with the American band, or the million other bands named as such) play a sparser more sparkling brand of jazz inflected death than their sister band. The album has a whole alien ecological theme going on and at times sounds like the death metal soundtrack to an Outer Limits or Psi-Factor episode (anyone remember that show?) I think these guys like Sadist a whole lot, cuz I'm picking up on a similarly chilling atmosphere that those Italians do so well...airy, slightly atonal keyboards...fusion lead guitar, catchy not overly complex rhythms, and a warm fretless bass tone that complements things so nicely. Pair this one with that Mindwork album and you can't miss.

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