Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gemini Gem

So as some may know, !T.O.O.H! broke up some time ago much to the chagrin of tech-death freaks everywhere, but what some may not know is that they are still making music under the name Gemini Gem!!!

As the above video can attest, bros. Schizoid and Humanoid (aka Jan and Josef Hilarious) are still as wild as they were in !T.O.O.H! but this time they are performing strange prog rock, or as they call it "post new-wave or individualist fusion rock". Sounds very Czech, which means it sounds very goood!! Seems they might be taking a page out of our boy Necrocock's book of weirdly necroromantical sleaze, and they still kept the Frenchy wigs! If anyone out there has this album (I believe it's called UFO Acri), or knows where one can obtain it, please share the love.

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