Monday, May 9, 2011

Baconalia - A Celebration

Taking a little bit of a break from Swedish DM week (which is fast spreading over two months!!), and a little bit of a detour as well...But I'm not done celebrating the Swedes just yet...oh no, there is just too much quality hitz out there.
Speaking of quality, Denny's is full swing into a celebration of their own, a celebration of all that is unkosher...Baconalia.
Yes, it's Denny's aim to prune the US population by stuffing them full of cured fatty meat deliciousness.
In case you have doubts about Denny's intentions to put you in an early grave, I have three words for you...Maple. Bacon. Sundae.

It's delicious, it's none too nutritious, and it is every bit as ridiculous to eat as you would think.
God bless you Denny's. I offer up a duo of pig grindcore albums as thanks.

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