Monday, April 18, 2011

Unleashed - Hell's Unleashed

I'm not a huge Unleashed fan, don't hate 'em, they've always just been one of those "meh" bands for me. Hell's Unleashed was their comeback album after about a 5 year absence, and I can safely say that from all the Unleashed material I've ever heard, this is by far the worst. It's not just that the songs are bad...they are laughably bad. I mean who in their right mind names a death metal song Joy In the Sun? But it's exactly this absurdist sense of humor (intentional or not) that makes Hell's Unleashed such a great guilty pleasure. It must be said that there are some really great riffs...the main melody line in Mrs. Minister springs instantly to mind. BUT then you have lyrics like "wanna go on a date, gonna have some fun, pick you up in my new car, take a ride in the sun..." I tend to think it's great. A total win-win of riffy goodness and meathead goofiness. But definitely take this recommendation with a grain of salt.

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