Thursday, December 2, 2010

Psychopath - Making the Transition

Lost classick thrash long forgotten now found.
Synaptic release conduit underground.
Early nineties the sound of youth. 
Crystal clear and cuttin' loose. 
Puffy white sneakers lookin' brand new.
Play in the mud--Now they're through. 
Get your groove on to the bunny hop. 
Riff it up till they all fuckin' drop. 
Triplet staccato let'er rip. 
Nails in your coffin, now that's the trick! 
Mosh and groove is the creed indeed. 
Make the transition till your ears fucking bleed!!!  


  1. thanks for the link
    Psychopath rules
    you woudn't have their demos?

  2. Fucking awesome!! What an underrated band!

  3. No, unfortunately I don't have any Psychopath demos. It'd be a lot cooler if I did!

  4. Those dudes had their own original sound. Great, intense stuff. Killer guitar. I still play this from time to time, from beginning to end. Not a dud in the bunch.

  5. Cool rhyme you made for the almighty Psychopath. GREAT guitar riffs on that album. Gotta love a three piece metal band that plays thrash, death, prog, and groove with such intensity. Must hear those demos mentioned on here.

  6. Fantastic tunes here.
    Each one like a different chapter in a book.
    From The Reality Serum to Crystal Clear, a transition is definitely made.
    Looking past the production, jewels you will find. What a travesty that apparently they were one and done.

  7. Hey, for all those looking for the Psychopath demos, I just found them at the lockjaw blog

  8. Cool!..+..First time hearing Psychopath and am really getting into this..+.."Physics" is quite a raging beast..+..Great post JCS!

  9. Some of the guitar in Physics is reminiscent of Mike Scaccia on the Rigor Mortis album.

  10. JCS, THANKS for this incredible smorgasbord of vintage prog-death-thrash-etc from Psychopath. First time checking them out and they are tearing it up on M.T.T.!

  11. new to me too. where in the hell has this band been hiding? this is AWESOME!! thanks for the link man!you rule JCS!

  12. After listening I've decided that Psychopath are one of the few innovators during the early 90s metal era. They combine styles very well here. Check Metro-Shock for an example.

  13. psychopathfan2011May 24, 2011 at 2:23 PM

    thanks to JCS & G.T.T. for alerting me to greatness. been listening to this 2 weeks straight and finding new things each time. put on "overcast in essence" at 2 am like i did to see what i mean.
    JCS, can you locate the two recordings after this called "advance I" and "advance II" (saw these on encyclopedia metallum)? i must hear them to see where they took their music.

  14. Very interesting to see people's reactions to this album...I have noooo idea where to get those 2 recordings. I just happened across their demo by chance on another blog, but who knows...I'd love to hear them myself.

  15. this is fucking great music! would really like to hear the other stuff they did
    find it for us!!!!

  16. Making The Transition is a great concept lyrically and musically, along with the album cover. A 12 song story that starts at one place and progresses to quite another. If you ever locate their other work, post-M.T.T., please add it here.

  17. Every song has a dark atmosphere somehow. Hard to classify, but easy to digest. Excellent! A one of a kind band AND album.