Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Inflabitan - Wanderer Of Grief

First of all, this is just a great album cover.  Looks like its out of some fukked-up Norwegian fairytale, I love it.  Wanderer of Grief is comprised of c. '93-'94 demos from Inflabitan, who in some way or form was connected to Dodheimsgard (666 International era) and the notorious band Strid (not Bjorn "Speed", yeesh).
The first bit of the record reminds me of a combination Hordanes Land Enslaved and As the Wolves Gather Forgotten Woods, fucking awesome stuff!!  The second part is where we really get cookin'. Much more trash/punk influenced than the first part, fantastic!!  One guitar, sparse drums, bass? Nah, just riffs man, just riffs.  Inflabitan nailed the nail right on the fucking head. Melancholic, majestic, mournful......Magnificent.

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