Sunday, November 21, 2010

From Peru Mix

Thank you Peru for making some of the truest metal in the Southernmost of hemispheres.  I will one day visit your lands and climb to the top of Machu Picchu, and swim in the fabulous Lake Titicaca.File:Machupicchu hb10.jpgAnd now, an ode:
I am from Peru, so grim frostbitten and true.  The llamas I ride with Viracocha by my side to the land of Tiwanaku
Masacre - Sin Piedad
Kranium -  Guerreros
Yana Raymi - Yawar Fiesta
Cobra - Highland Warrior
Hadez - The Orade of the Bleeding Head
Kranium - Sociedad o Suciedad
Arsix - Dejemos ke los Tontos Hablen
Curriculum Mortis - Sentencia de Muerte I
Mortem - Illusion of Blood
Satanas - Mis Blasphemias
Necropsya - My Dreams
Hadez - Angel Exterminator
Illapa - Arrogancia
Kranium - El Obraje

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