Thursday, September 23, 2010

Animal & Southern Chapter

I remember playing a show at the Belleville Skate Park with Animal back in '03 or '04, and the man truly lived up to his name.  He ran all over those ramps, up and down a halfpipe all the while soloing and singing on his headset microphone.  He even fell flat on his face but didn't miss a lick on that guitar.  His backing band was amazing too.  The bassist was confined to a wheelchair with MS and the drummer was mentally challenged (he almost missed the show because he got lost trying to park their van, why they let him drive I have no idea).  Despite all their handicaps every single one of them played their hearts out.  They put our band to shame, in fact their set was one of the great displays of showmanship that I've ever had the pleasure of seeing.  So enjoy some good ol' Rock'n'Roll courtesy of Animal and the boys.

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