Saturday, May 4, 2013

SFU Saturdaze

Everyone's still upset over Hanneman's passing, so keep listening to those Slayer albums, I've been especially enjoying the underrated God Hates Us All lately, but I thought I'd bring in a little comic relief to lighten the mood...
Whether Six Feet Under is a joke band or not (I'm pretty sure not) they have made some unintentionally hilarious songs. Sort of it's so bad, it's not really good but....maybe a trainwreck is a more apt analogy. I dunno, the thing about SFU is they are so listenable. Just meat and potatoes death metal, and then Barnes vocals haha! These songs will do nothing if not bring a perverse smile to your face. Especially Ice-T's "rapping" in One Bullet Left. I personally think that song is a masterstroke, just dumb and catchy and wholly unexpected...especially with the pig squeal. Then you have their incredibly retarded Graveyard Classics (of which there are a few I believe), which are either brilliant parody or desecrations depending on who you ask. You may loose a few brain cells listening to this but it's good for what ails ya.


  1. This may be a joke but it fkin rocks

  2. I actually used to have a copy of Maximum Violence 11 years ago. I've forgotten just how retarded those lyrics were. We're talking ICP-level brain damage!