Friday, March 29, 2013

Live and Loud Czech Wierdos are Proud!

Just had to share this brand spankin new liveset from the almighty Schizoid and Humanoid aka !T.O.O.H! !!!! They play mostly new songs which sueprize sueprize sound just as weird and unhinged as the old stuff, and have got my mouth and various glands salivating for a new album big time.

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  1. This is excellent-do you have a link to the download please.....from stevo

  2. hmmm I don't think their new album is released yet, but the band do have alot of links available for their material 2005-2010, that I certainly will post!

  3. Stevo-That would be nice JCS-I also must thank you for introducing me to the mighty inquisition-Ive managed to get 3 cds-They are magnificent-I really need to go through this blog in great detail my friend.