Thursday, November 10, 2011


I had more fun than you can imagine doing these German Death metal posts, and as usual I went overboard looking up excellent bands to share. Who knew there were amazing bands like Dark Millennium, Fertilizer, Eternal Dirge and Absurd Existence lurking in the ancient German scene? There are just a wealth of great old bands out there, and the great thing about doing this blog is that it gives me the incentive to seek them out...Enjoy this German DM Mix featuring the best of the best, and stay tuned for some German Black metal snooping!!!

Purgatory - Necrocannibalistical Insanity
Atrocity -  Hold Out (To the End)
Pavor - Furioso
Professor - Numerus Clausu
Eternal Dirge - Evolved Mutations
Obscura - Ocean Gateways
Ancient Wargod - Insane
Dark Millennium - Black Literature
Fleshcrawl - Phrenetic Tendencies
Incubator - Playing a Game...
Blood - Christbait
Island - Serenity
Valborg - Rain In The Forest
Fertilizer - Time Dune
Absurd Existence - Black Sun
Dark Millennium - In And For Nothing
Eternal Dirge - We Are The Dead
Atrocity - Sky Turned Red
Pavor - Imperator Of An Ashen Bane
Dark Millennium - Pandemonium 
Under Black Clouds - Signal To Noise

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