Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beelzeb - Misanthropes Aurora

As an addendum to that Shroud post I offer up Mr. Lug Beelzeb's solo onslaught (joined on drums by Phaul Bokrug).  Sometimes mystical sometimes furious, always fucked up, this is a pretty great album.
From their website: "An identification with BEELZEB's prose means that "you are really in trouble", -to the effect that this art compels the listener to the recreation and enjoy with different forms of sinking-. So there is no middle point - or it's meant to be so-.
Sites and dimensions which one is driven to, run in the manner of a seducement towards a point of no return; - one won't be back being the same, for will have fed his soul with visions and evocations whose nature impregnates the self in such a way )perhaps like an intimate whisper) that the focussing on emotional universe is deeply altered-."
Oh and come on these glamour shots, goddamn!

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